Mortgage Documents Needed for  a Complete  Mortgage Application

Mandatory Documents:

Copy of Driver License( please ensure copy is clean)

Copy of Green Card  or H1B

Copies of Most Recent W-2 Statements if salaried employee (2 years)

Copies of Most Recent IRS Forms 1040 if self-employed (2 years)

Copies of Most Current Pay Stubs (1 full month/2 paystubs)

Copies of Most Recent Bank Statements (2 months) (all pages including blank)

Copies of Most Recent Asset Statements (2 months) – e.g. stocks, bonds, 401K, IRA,


Only if Applicable:

Copy of Most Recent Mortgage Statement (if refinancing)

Copies of Most Recent Business Licenses if self-employed (2 years)

Copy of Final Settlement Statement / HUD-1 (if home sold or refinanced in past 6 mos)

Copy of 1st Mortgage Note (if obtaining a HELOC)

Copy of Second Mortgage Note and Statement

Copy of Bankruptcy Discharge Papers

Copy of Divorce Decree

Proof of Child Support

Copy of Trust Documents Revocable? Y or N


Hazard Insurance (i.e. Homeowner’s)

Copy of Insurance Policy if refinancing along with

Agent Name: _____________________


Home Owner’s Association

HOA Name: _______________________Phone Number: ________________


Landlord / Management Company (if currently renting)

Company Name: ___________________________

Contact Name: _____________________Phone Number: ________________