Details for the 80/15/5 Mortgage  and NINA

Get the 1st Mortgage at confirming fixed rate. 
2nd Mortgage also fixed rates.
2nd Mortgage can be purchase, rate/term refinance or cash-out.
Minimum credit score allowed is 700
Mortgage can be amortized for  30/15 years. 
Escrow for taxes and insurance is optional
No judgments, repossessions or charge offs in the post 5 years (60 months).
Down payment required is 5% (can be gift)
Closing for both loans simultaneously and tax deductible interest on both loans
No PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)
I have various other special  products/promotions for regular borrowers and for Investor including No Income No Asset (NINA) which is only  for Investors.  Please contact me for details.

Also since Interest Rates are on the Rise, Home Buyers should check for the Best Rates as a Refinance may never happen in the near future. Please check my rates....